The Bobby Caldwell Show with Captain Beyond

The Bobby Caldwell Show with Captain Beyond.

April 11th, 2021    

The Bobby Caldwell Show Episode 8

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December 27th, 2020    

The Bobby Caldwell Show Episode Seven

Welcome to episode seven. Bobby starts part one of "The British Invasion" Part One

Who came first, what happened?

Bobby starts at 1955 with early rock n roll, Elvis, Sun Studios. Teen Idols.

Girl Groups. Record business in the late 50s, early 60s. 

The 1961 Hank Ballard "Twist" Taking the world by surprise.

Folk music, Motown.

Uninspired Radio

Novelty songs. 

1963 everything changes with THE BEATLES as a Force for success.

Fashion, Hairstyles, bigger than Elvis. Toast of the Town---Ed Sullivan. 

Jack Parr = Beatles concert = 30 million viewers.

20+ number one hits. Please Please Me, From Me To You...etc....

"British Invasion" Favorites

Dave Clark Five-Glad All Over, Bobby Graham on drums.

The Animals-1964 House of the Rising Sun

Rolling Stones-Time is on my Side, Satisfaction, Ruby Tuesday...

Petula Clark-Gerry and The Pacemakers-Freddie and The Dreamers-

Herman Hermits / Peter Noone...over 40 million record sales.

The Who - My Generation

The Hollies - Bus Stop, He Ain't Heavy...great radio records.

The Honeycombs-1964

The Kinks-Ray and Dave Davies. Original music/songs. All Day All The Night, You Really Got Me

Bobby Graham-drummer on Kinks records. 

BJ Kramer - Lu Lu and the Lovers - Manford Mann - Wayne Fontana - Peter and Gordon - Nashville Teens - 1965 Tobacco Road - 

Moody Blues - Go Now with Denny Laine

Dusty Springfield / aka Mary O'Brian

Swinging Bluejeans-Ian Whitcomb-

Them with Van Morrison-Here Comes The Night, again Bobby Graham on drums. 

The Zombies- 1964 She's Not There, Tell Her No-Time of a Season...still performing. 

The Yardbirds-created by Keith Relf. Clapton, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, For Your Love/Heart Full Of Soul/Shapes of Things.

Captains Corner=Questions for Bobby. 

(1) How big a part do studio musicians play?

(2) What's your fondest venue to perform?

Thanks for listening, stay tuned for part two of "The British Invasion"








December 27th, 2020    

The Bobby Caldwell Show Episode Six

Greetings: The Captain here. Join Bobby as we continue our music journey on Beyond The Stars, episode six / part two of underrated groups. Bobby talks about several groups including Creation, a group that weren’t together very long. They had a tune called Painter Man. Group number two is a band formed in LA, called Spirit. A different kind of band for the period. A blend of Jazz and Rock with unique arrangements. They had a radio airplay tune called I got a line on you. Underrated group number three is Cactus, this lineup included Tim Bogart, Rusty Day, Carmine Appice and Jim McCarty, formerly with Mitch Ryder and The Detroit Wheels. Group number four on the list is a band from Liverpool called The Searchers. They had early success in 1963 with a single called Needles and Pins, written by Sonny Bono. Followed with another hit, Love Potion Number Nine. Bobby talks about his hearing them at a show with The Zombies. Underrated group number five is Captain Beyond. Formed in LA, with Rod Evans of Deep Purple, Larry “Rhino” Reinhardt and former Iron Butterfly bassist Lee Dorman. Bobby talks about their signing to Capricorn Records, gigs, touring and more. The final group, an English band called Trapeze, formed in 1969. Bobby talks about album number two, You Are The Music. Bobby reflects on his impressions of them when they opened for Captain Beyond. Finally, Bobby talks about group number seven on his list, King Crimson. Founded by the Giles Brothers in 1967, then teamed up with Robert Fripp. More inside reflections by Bobby when Captain Beyond and Crimson performed together on concert dates. In conclusion “Captains Corner” where Bobby answers your questions. Finally, a hint at future episodes, including the history and music from the period known as The British Invasion. Stay Tuned.

December 27th, 2020    

The Bobby Caldwell Show Episode Five

Welcome to episode number 5. In this episode number Bobby talks about under rated groups in this 2 part series. These are groups will airplay that lacked worldwide recognition. The first group is Humble Pie. The second group is called Raven, a blues rock band from Buffalo, New York. Bobby talks about Jim Hendrix and hearing this group at Steve Paul’s Scene in NYC. Another group that had airplay but not achieving acclaim is a group called The Critters. YouTube has several videos that confirm the talent in this 60s band. Group number four is an English band called Soft Machine, the forefront of the progressive movement. Soft Machine toured and opened for Jimi Hendrix in 1968. Another group Bobby talks about is the American group, The Knickerbockers. They were signed and recorded the song “Lies” a very Beatles sounding tune. Various YouTube versions are available, including instrumental versions. Moving to San Francisco, Bobby talks about the group Moby Grape, an American group that was hard to categorize. Strong lead vocals, signed by Columbia in 1967. In “The Captains Corner” Bobby takes questions from listeners. This weeks question is: Who Did Captain Beyond Play With At The Hollywood Bowl. Did Johnny Winter sit in with the band? That concludes the episode number 5 of the 2 part series about under-rated bands. Episode number six will continue with more insight and information from Bobby Caldwell with The Captain.

December 27th, 2020    

The Bobby Caldwell Show Episode Four

Episode Four


Greatness, people who create greatness. 40s, 50s, 60s music has changed, many evolutions, great artist, singers, groups. Those that made their mark.

What's changed through the years? Everyones a STAR.???

Most artist are measured to the greats, Duke Ellington, Count Basie. 

Somehow, the lovers of music have been deceived. Marketing rules.

Mediocrity means nothing. 

The Beatles raised the bar, followed by record companies in search of profit.

Everything measured in pop music based on The Beatles. Exceptions include Hendrix, Cream. 

Record companies would not sign unless you were unique. You had to be different. Album deals etc. 

Something to offer that could create profit.

Greatness = Segovia, Chet Atkins, Hendrix, Tommy Emmanuel, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Ella, Little Richard, Frank Sinatra, Little Willie John from Detroit. 

Mid 70s = music business began to change, record companies = profit priority.


Artist merit no longer important. 

Now=everybody sounds the same, saying nothing musically. 

Sound Alike and Look Alike

Exceptions = The Police

Leads music lovers, listeners to go back and find better content. 

Greatness and World of Mediocrity

Anyone can be a star without music skills. 

What Happened = are they really that exciting?

Listeners feel empty?

Internet vs Record Companies

Publicity machine, global contacts.


Be aware of music artist publicity hype.


Till next time.





December 27th, 2020    

The Bobby Caldwell Show Episode Three

Episode Three

Welcome to Beyond The Stars

"The Writers Of Music"

Songwriters-early days 20s, 30s. Great Tin Pan Alley writers.

Cole Porter, Hoagy Carmichael, Johnny Mercer, Harold Arlen, George Gershwin.

Many wrote as partners, music/lyrics as writing teams.

1950s- Great individuals wrote music and lyrics. Little Richard, Chuck Berry

King of Rock and Roll / Elvis=outside writers, Jerry Leiber / Mike Stoller = Hound Dog

"The power of the songwriter cannot be understated"

Everly Brothers = Felice and Boudleaux Bryant = wake up little susie, bye bye love.

Neil Sedaka / Carol King / historical amount of classic songs. 

"Historical Team Efforts"

Hal David / Burt Bacharach = House is not a home , walk on by.

Motown writers=Holland Dozier Holland " Say a little Prayer" 

1963-1964 The Beatles as writers=melody melody melody.

George Martin=their angel, (225) songs

Bob Dylan=major songwriter. 

The Rolling Stones as songwriters=Jagger Richards....Satisfaction

Elton John/Bernie Taupin 


Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed the show. 

From Beyond The Stars



Music Soundtrack=Kevin Kendel

Introduction=Michael Fernandez

Production=Michael Welch




December 27th, 2020    

The Bobby Caldwell Show Episode Two

Episode Two

Welcome to one and all.

Bobby talks about 'times' of music.

Song and dance man! 30s-40s could you sing or dance? BoJangles, Nicholas Brothers. Emergence of Rhythm and Blues, Drifters etc. had dance routines. 

Flamingos, "I only have eyes for you"

"Elvis opened the door"

Girl groups=60s, Shantels, Shirelles.

Competitive atmosphere after Beatles arrival. 

Virtuosity? vs Also ran

Clapton, Yardbirds, Who, Stones, Johnny Winter as a great singer

"no time to live" 

Record companies become profit first. Not about the music.

Artistic Merit ? 

Great days of past can't be reversed. Album deals, promotion.


How did Captain Beyond begin?

Bobby answers in depth about forming, rehearsing, recording, Capricorn, Phil Walden, Duane Allman, Southern Rock and more.

What was your first meeting and playing with Allman Brothers?

Daytona, Martinique, Jamming, High quality musicianship, Friendship and more.

Thanks for listening. 






December 27th, 2020    

Bobby Caldwell Show Episode One

Greetings, I’m Michael Welch. I’m here to introduce you to a project I’m producing with Bobby Caldwell. First, a little about Bobby, drummer, singer, producer, writer and now music educator/broadcaster. Bobby’s career includes his gigs and recordings with Johnny Winter And, The Allman Brothers, Captain Beyond, Armageddon, Cactus and Iron Butterfly. We know of his gifts and talent as a musician. These shows will now feature Bobby’s knowledge of music, the business of music, history of music and more. Bobby’s “been there/done that” history of experience, incorporated into these shows are creative, entertaining and educational. His depth and knowledge of music, groups and the timeline of events he experienced on gigs at The Fillmore, Hollywood Bowl, Whiskey, Royal Albert Hall and more are enlightening. His performing with different acts on the same bill is a long list, notably: King Crimson, Zombies, Humble Pie, British Invasion bands and popular US recording groups. As a student of music myself, each episode is a lesson that inspires me to search Google, Wikipedia and YouTube for more information and listening. These shows are a work in progress as the audio and content take form. Episode 5 will introduce “Captains Corner” and offer questions for previous listeners. Stay tuned in and enjoy. BaDaBoom MW


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